Belt Grinder Radiusmaster

Australian designed and built, the Radius Master is the most versatile belt grinding machine on the market.

The five contact wheels are brought into position by simply actuating an index knob and rotating in seconds to the desired position.The wheel diameters are, 1” (25mm), 1½” (38mm), 2” (50mm), 3½” (89mm) & 8” (203mm). All guards swivel out of position for easy access. All wheels are precision ground, highest quality polyurethane. The three small wheels are contained in a separate revolving carriage at one of the stations and are indexed by the smaller of the two knobs. Spark shields conveniently swivel in and out of position for operator protection.

A strong motor (single phase 230 V, 50 Hz, 1.5 kW) drives the belt at a speed of 18 m/s and also ensures that the workpiece is grinded evenly even at high pressure to the sanding belt.


The seven work stations provide:

–  Internal, external and hollow grinding on contact wheels
–  Flat grinding in vertical and horizontal position
–  Edge grinding on tool rest (tilts up 20° and down 45°)
–  Edge profiling – an optional tilting stand and table
–  Slack belt grinding in horizontal and vertical positions

Belt grinder supplied with pedestal.
Further accessories as platen table or base board are available.

Scope of delivery

As standard the Radiusmaster is supplied with:

Belt grinder with 5 contact wheels
Pedestal with base plate 350x350 mm
horizontal table (when belt is running vertically)
tilting table (when machine is laid on its side)
1 belt K80


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Sanding belts

Belt size is standard 48” x 2” (1220mm x 50mm).
But Radius Master superbly tracks any width belts down to 3/8ths (10mm).

We deliver high-quality Zircon sanding belts in different grades:

Sanding belt grade 40 (order number 54212079)
Sanding belt grade 60 (order number 54212081)
Sanding belt grade  80 (order number 54212083)
Sanding belt grade 120 (order number 54212085)
Sanding belt grade 240 (order number 54212087)
Sanding belt grade 400 (order number 54212089)
Sanding belt grade 800 (order number 54212094)

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Platen table for square edge grinding

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Hollow grinding jig for knifemakers - This attachment makes hollow grinding easy.

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Base plate

With this base plate the Radiusmaster has a stable stand, but can be made mobile.

Dimensions 625x460x8 mm


Flat grinding in vertical and horizontal position
Edge grinding on tool rest (tilts up 20° and down 45°)
Edge profiling using provided tilting stand and table


Easy deburring (inside tube included)

Notching and Conturing

Notching and Conturing
Outstanding tracking allows notching sharp corners at the very edge of the belt.

Drill sharpening

Accurate tracking for precision drill sharpening & web thinning.

The four videos show the various techniques using the radius master.

To start click 'in' the respective video

belt grinder for rapid shaping, fine finishing & precision sharpening

Corner grinding

Drill Sharpening