Unter finden Sie eine grosse Menge sehr hilfreicher Anleitungen rund ums Schmieden (in englisch, aber meist mit guten Zeichnungen und Fotos bebildert).


z.B. hier ein Beispiel :
Punching Holes with Flutsch - written by Uri Hofi - Copyright © 2009 I Forge Iron


The drifts in the moly-graphite solution. I use two chisels and 6-7 drifts that fall into the cooling water under the anvil.

Slitting with the chisel after dipping in the moly-graphite solution.

The slot.

The drifting with the dipped drifts from both sides of the slot with the same drift. The whole operation is done in one heat.

The finished hole.

The installation: Anvil, aluminum plate, chisel, drifts in the solution, the water bowl under the anvil for the drifts to fall into for cooling.

40 each 3/8 inch holes chiseled and drifted in 9/16 inch steel forged to day by my student Shalom Erel with in 70 minutes. Forging the holes is the first operation of forging 20 pairs of tongs.